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We would love to hear from you about your experiences with our cakes and what your customers think of them too.


Do your customers enjoy them?


Which cakes are their favourites?


Are there any recipes you think we should add to our range?


Is there anything we can do to help you sell more cakes?


We would like to get your feedback so please feel free to send comments to us using the form on this page.


“Great way to provide a range of dessert options without having to prep daily. Good profit too!”

Eric Boudil – Partner at a Restaurant in West Bromwich

“The cakes were used at open evening as refreshment. They were excellent and we had none left. They also provided a good profit as well!”

Emily Holden – Chair of a PTA for a school in Kent

“Excellent flavour and good value. Thanks”
Marcy Goulden – Owner of a Coffee shop in Somerset

“I am very happy with the cakes. Delivered as promised.”

Michelle Brown – Owner of a cake shop in Suffolk