3 Days Delivery Nationwide

Tracking Available

Delivery slots between 7am-8pm

We will ensure you that all orders are delivered within 3 days. If your order is urgent then we can deliver the next day but delivery costs will need to be quoted on an order by order basis. Such urgent orders must be made via our order line on 0207 719 8782

£5.99 (3 day delivery)  
£11.99 (next day delivery)

Luxury Muffin and Mini Loaf Cake deals start at £2.99 of 6 cakes, and our special muffin and loaf dealboxes is £12.99 with a minimum of 1 box (24 cakes).

Upon receipt of your cakes cut the portions you require for the day then place the remainder into the freezer.

Each cake cake be marked into 14 portions with ease. Then simply use a sharp knife to cut through your  marked lines for the number of portions required for the day. This simplifies your stock control. Remember to turn down the edge of the tray to allow you to ease individual portions out before returning the tray to the freezer in the packaging it is delivered to you in.

Individual pieces will thaw in 30-60 minutes. A tray will thaw in under 2 hours. Once opened,defrosted, and kept in an airtight container the cake will last for 3 days. Frozen our cakes will have a minimum of 6 months life.

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